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Drama ensued at the consultative meeting organised by the Inter Religious Council of Uganda-IRCU and Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies when the Bishop of Ankole Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Sheldon Mwesigwa, in his opening remarks accused the Democratic Party President; Norbert Mao of peddling lies implicating him for doctoring records showing that President, Yoweri Museveni was baptized at St. Luke church of Uganda Kinoni in Ankole Diocese on August 3rd, 1947

Rev. Dr. Sheldon Mwesigwa, the Bishop had been called to give his opening remarks in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Peace and Stability Forum at Oxford Inn in Mbarara Town where He argued that as a leader, Mao ought to have done his research instead of misleading others.

The Bishop’s remarks sparked off bitter reactions from some participants like Ahimbisibwe Ongom, a former Parliamentary candidate for Rwampara Constituency who accused him of trying to trigger confusion at a time when Ugandans are expecting a peaceful transition of power.

However, Bishop Mwesigwa insisted that Church of Uganda should be credited for keeping such vital records since inception. He also explained that Museveni only wanted to celebrate the day he was born and wondered why Ugandans are bothered.

The situation was only saved by the Secretary General of the Inter- Religious Council of Uganda Joshua Kitakule, who asked the two groups to tolerate each other.

Jaffar Bassajabalaba, the Bushenyi District LC V chairperson, said it is unfortunate that those opposed to the age limit removal want to deny those in favor a chance to present their views.

Friday 1st September 2017 04:46:21 AM