By Francis Jjunju

His Eminence Emanuel Cardinal Wamala has decried what he called self slavery that is taking up many through accepting evil to be party of them.

In his Easter message at St. Peter’s Parish Nsambya Cardinal Wamala said many are taken up by indifferentism, adoring sin most especially among the youth although adults are not also spared.

He cited a group of lawyers who have come out to sue the government of Uganda for not legalizing abortion claiming to be fighting for the rights of the woman, Cardinal said it’s the right of the unborn not to be killed if they do not know.

On the wave of murders in the country Cardinal Wamala borrowed a publication from south Africa entitled “Cry my beloved country”  that its meaning depicts the kind of evil currently committed in Uganda since 1962.

He said it’s a pity that occurrences in the country have reached the extent of instilling fear in those from the outside world who would love to visit this country challenging government through its agencies; Parliament, Judiciary and Police to be accountable.

His statement comes at a time when most parts in Masaka are security insecure where gangs of yet unidentified people attack families with machetes, cut and kill others.

Cardinal Wamala called on Christians to be renewed, depict a sense of love, understanding and protection of life if they are to show the understanding of the 40 days of lent they have spent and the risen lord in their lives.

Monday 17th April 2017 06:57:43 PM