By; Ben Musanje

The 2017 National Martyrs Celebrations Organization Committee has come up with resolutions by which the Uganda Episcopal Conference will determine on the way forward.

In an Evaluation Committee meeting Chaired by the Secretary General Uganda Episcopal Conference at the Uganda Catholic Secretariat Nsambya Msgr. John Baptist Kauta , agreed that the number of pilgrims is becoming overwhelming yet they all come to celebrate mass but unfortunately this time many were locked outside by the security because the premises was already filled up.

The recen Martyrs day celebrations at Namugongo is said to have attracted over 3 million both local and international pilgrims.

Speaking to Radio Sapientia after the meeting, the Hoima Diocese Pastoral Coordinator Fr. Robert Mugisa says they have also discussed on how speeches at the main function be reduced to enable pilgrims leave back early to their homes.

On the issue of sanitation he said that they looked at having more urinals to accommodate the overwhelming number of pilgrims during the Martyrs celebrations.

Fr. Mugisa says the foreign pilgrims are also considered in the future preparations on the way they could be accommodated.

The next host is said to start preparations as early as August this year 2017.

Saturday 1st July 2017 08:25:01 AM