By Ben Musanje

Police have confirmed that the State Minister for Labour Herbert Kabafunzaki is detained at their Nalufenya station in Jinja district with the media not allowed to visit and interview him.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Emirian Kayima says they will inform Media and the public on the counts against Kabafunzaki as they are jointly investigating the two cases reported by a molested woman against her boss Muhammad Hamid the Aya Group Chairman and that of bribery.

The Rukiga Member of Parliament was arrested at Serena Hotel on April 8th 2017 by both the Police and state house operatives claims to be flamed that he was soliciting for a UGX 10 Million bribe for them to cover up the sexual harassment allegations against the Aya proprietor.

These claims started emerging largely on social media following his arrest .

Kayima adds that two files include sexual harassment and assault which both at CPS and Old Kampala where Aya is accused of assault and also sexual harassment.

However, the Police Spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye denied allegations that Kabafunzaki was framed; to cover up the sexual scandal.

He adds that the former Aya employee first reported a case of assault and promised to bring video evidence, but she never returned with the evidence.

The police spokesperson says both cases will be properly investigated and appropriate action taken by authorities.

On claims that Muhammad Aya is well connected to the First Family and could have influenced a number of cases against him, Kasingye denied such allegations adding that sexual harassment case should be an eye opener to any other females who could have been molested at their places of work to come out and report for redress.

Thursday 13th April 2017 11:28:33 PM