By; Francis Lubega

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Winnie Kizza has warned police against interfering with her scheduled consultative meetings on the controversial Constitutional Amendment bill that seeks to remove the presidential age limit that are starting on October 13th.

Kizza says the opposition in parliament has informed the police about their planned consultative meetings starting in Kiira Municipality where they don’t expect any interference apart from providing security.

Recently, the Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye said the force will do all in its power to stop any illegal activity in the country under the pretext of challenging the lifting of the age limit..

Meanwhile Kizza who is also a member of the parliamentary commission, a body that is in charge of parliament administration, noted that there is no special budget of Shs 20 million for each MP meant for consultations of the public on the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017.

Kizza however advised in case of any provision it should not first go to the legislators but to settle the funding gap of the Judiciary, health, and education.

Friday 13th October 2017 05:59:40 AM