By; Ben Musanje

Mbale District Political Leaders want the land which is occupied by late Semei Kakungulu’s Family be reverted to Bamasaaba.

Kakungulu was a Prince from Buganda Kingdom who helped to impose colonial rule in East and North Eastern Uganda.

Appearing before the commission that is in Mbale, leaders led by the Mbale District chairperson Bernard Mujaasi said the Colonialists had allocated huge chunks of Land to Kakungulu as an appreciation, which was unfair to them.

They now want government to buy off Kakungulu’s Family for Natives whose Land rights were deprived.

They have also decried sale of public properties such as the Railway Land by government officials.

They were appearing before Justice Catherine Bamugemeirire’s Land Inquiry Commission in Mbale.

Tuesday 5th December 2017 06:21:23 AM