By; Charles Katabalwa

Former Presidential Candidate Dr Kizza Besigye along with other opposition leaders and activists has launched another campaign that they hope will frustrate and bring the ruling government to its knees.

The campaign dubbed “Tubalemese which means “Lets Fail Them that was launched at his offices on Katonga Road in Kampala Besigye hoped to build on the anger the public holds against the MPs who voted to lift the presidential age limit to further frustrate the ruling government.

This follows last month’s passing and the subsequent signing of the Age Limit Constitutional Amendment Bill that essentially will allow President Museveni now 73, a chance to run for the 6th term in office in 2021.

Besigye reminded his supporters and Ugandans that such other campaigns like Togikwatako and the Defiance Campaign that they launched in the past have not been futile; they have gradually weakened the NRM regime.

He also challenged traders who warned to deal with their defiance campaigns urging them to use gazette areas like Mandera National Stadium among other sports grounds than interrupting business in the city that they are being politically wood wicked.

Friday 12th January 2018 06:20:13 AM