By Olivia Nnabaggala

Before resolving the land eviction row between Buganda Kingdom and those with leases or bought pieces of land on Buganda Kingdom land, the Kingdom has again come up with a campaign dubbed ‘’Ekyapa Kungalo ‘’ where the first registered tenants on kabaka’s land are to receive land tittles.

This has was revealed by the  today at Bulange Mengo saying the six month exercise will first carter for over 130,000 registered members and they want to formalize the tenancy on Kabaka’s land with his subjects.

The Buganda Land Board Managing Director (BLB) Male Kiwalabye said the campaign is targeting all those whose land was surveyed during the recently concluded massive survey.

This comes after the Ugandan musician, activist and humanitarian Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine lost two acres of land near his 6 acres of One Love Beach at Busaabala which was demolished by Nkuluze over encroachment.

Besides that Police in Luweero arrested 16 people hired by Buganda Kingdom finance office, the Nkuluze, to carry out evictions that sparked outrage on Saturday April 17th after a grader destroyed their gardens.

Nkuluze attempted to evict over 50 tenants of Bugabo village in Kalagala Sub County to pave way for planting of trees on 107 acres which are privately owned by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

The land in question is located at plot 1373 block 17 in Kalagala Sub County, Luweero district.

The men armed with machetes, big sticks and tractor invaded the gardens of the tenants and destroyed food crops. The angry residents responded by burning the tractor and Police officers from Bombo Police Station were called in to restore order.

The Luweero District Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Raymond Jjagwe faulted the office of Nkuluze for not following the procedures to evict people.

Wednesday 19th April 2017 08:25:40 AM