By Francis Jjunju

The Vicar General of Kampala Archdiocese Msgr Charles Kasibante has hailed Radio Sapientia for spearheading the preserve and appreciation of the works of the late Catholic composers because such works are an identity to the Catholic Church.

In a concert dubbed in memoria cantorum held at Pope John Paul II Memorial Hotel Ndeeba Msgr Kasibante said Catholic music brings out its doctrine as a Catholic Church like in administering sacraments among other religious activities.

But it is also to give respect to those who passed on while practicing Catholic music hailing one of Radio Sapientia staff Justine Nabbaale for coordinating the event.

He said this kind of gesture should not only be taken as a show but to see that the families of the composers who passed on are assisted and also used to get facts about the minds and projects of their fathers.

Msgr Kasibante also noted with concern the way people are derailed from God because of economic and social challenges to human livelihood insisting that one has to respect his dignity and stand firm in faith than thinking of murders, theft, prostitution and drug abuse among other evils which people think that it will be their source of prosperity and comfort yet they are destroy their life.

Catholic Composers who passed on but their works were noted during the concert include; Joseph Kyagambiddwa, Ponsiano Biva Kayongo, Ben Jjuuko, Alphonse Ssebunnya, Benedict Mubangizi, Deusdedit Kamya, Fr. Vincent Bakkabulindi, Msgr. Boneventure Kasaija, White Fathers and Mill Hill Fathers among others.

Monday 15th May 2017 06:26:55 AM