By Francis Jjunju

The Catholic Church has come out with a strongly advise to Ugandans to fight adultery, witchcraft, laziness and infidelity if they are to protect their Marriages.

The Communications coordinator in Kampala Archdiocese Rev. Fr. Katerega Kiibi says a number of marriages the foundation to the catholic church have failed due to such ill acts on top of greed for money which is put first to a marriage which is a special calling and a blessing from God.

Fr. Kiibi while leading the Eucharistic celebrations to mark Valentine’s Day at St. Peter’s Parish Nsambya organized by the Holy Cross Family Ministries said Marriage should be embraced with total commitment and love to one another and meet the responsibilities that come along with it in prayer.

He said many women have put jobs first to their marriages leaving everything to the house helpers leading to incidents of husbands turning on them. He also emphasized hygiene and care especially of by the women to their husbands as important areas that will keep and protect their marriages.

Fr.Kiibi said many families are currently run by mothers, many husbands have abandoned their responsibility yet a man is the provider of the family and protector while the wife is supposed to protect what has been produced by the husband. This has given a wrong image to those who want to enter into marriage.

He reminded those in love to be exemplary that they will attract youth and young ones to embrace marriage other than fearing and condemning it.

Holy Cross Family Ministries a department of the Holy Cross Congregation in the District of East Africa decided to give a new touch of the Valentine’s day which has been a washed by modernism and in most case it has been taken as a day for lustfully enjoy one another.

The married couples come together pray, share testimonies, and renew their vows and exchange gifts later on eat, drink and dance in respect to the teaching of the Catholic Church.