By; Jjunju Francis

The Chief of Defense Forces CDF Gen. David Muhoozi has highlighted four major areas that could be employed to get to the foot of the rampant murders in the country.

Gen. Muhoozi says taking number of fire arms, taking bio-data of all those taken to prisons, reinstating LDU system and use of the media are urgent areas to take on.

The local defense units LDUs is referred to as a foundation force that used to assist communities in the 90s to keep security in the villages in collaboration with the Local Council administrative system that was effective.

On the bio-data of prisons Muhoozi says repeat offenders will be known and in case of any follow up they can be easily followed because most of these cases are done by the same people.

About the media since it’s the one commonly used and followed by the public including the crimes, the security forces need also to utilize it effectively to allay fears.

Muhoozi revealed this in a joint discussion about the state of security affairs in country at Serena International Hotel in Kampala where the head of the Uganda Prisons Services Dr. Johnson Byabashaija much as they keep custody and try to rehabilitate the offenders they are still affected by the limited recourses to fulfill their obligations.

Wednesday 13th June 2018 07:01:04 AM