By; Our Reporter

The Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Francis Butebi Zaake has recovered to stunning revelations that he is sure and can identify the security operatives who attacked and tortured him during campaigns on August 13th ahead of the Arua Municipality by election.

Zaake who claims that his torturers had donned Special Forces Command (SFC) uniform communicating in Runyankole and Swahil had name tags he can vividly remember.

The legislator who recently returned from India where he spent more than a month for specialized treatment over his back born injury told the press today at his home in Nalumunye in Wakiso District that no where did they come into contact with the Presidential motorcade.

He further explained that on the August 13th, he went back to the hotel where they had booked but after a while he heard that Bobi Wine’s driver Yusuf Kawuuma had been gunned down and in no minute, a multitude of gun wielding security operatives descended on him.

Zaake claims that while inside the room, operatives tied his hands behind and started piecing various parts of his body using gun bayonets, squeezed his testicles among other awful acts.

He says that on his return from India, security officers who transported him to his home kept on telling and pleading with him not to narrate anything which happened in Arua so that all cases opened against him are dropped.

Zaake’s lawyer Assuman Basalirwa, Bugiri Municipality MP also quashed media reports that the legislator had been summoned by police at CID saying they have not received any information to the effect.

If charged Zaake will join other legislators and civilians 33 in number who were charged with treason

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 06:15:35 AM