By Ben Musanje

13th Feb 2019

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has held a meeting with Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s Land Inquiry Commission in a bid to iron out the simmering feud between the Judiciary and Commission.

Sharp row ensued between the dual when the Probe Team boss Justice Catherine Bamugemereire accused the judiciary of being corrupt in land matters.

She cited the government’s Bugoma forest Land which was taken away basing on judge’s orders, which prompted the Chief Justice Katureebe to fight back, attacking the former for branding the entire judiciary corrupt.

In the meeting held on Wednesday with exclusion of journalists, the dual agreed to set aside their misunderstandings since they were both serving the interests of same persons, the citizens.

However, Justice Bamugemereire maintained that an appeal filled by her Commission challenging the ruling by the former head of High Court Land Division justice Andrew Bashaijja under which he trimmed their powers, will not be withdrawn since there is legal interpretation involved.

The Land Probe Team boss also confirmed a visit by her team to the disputed Mutungo Hill Land where the ESO-UPDF soldiers partly occupying it, clashed with the Commission Police recently, resulting into a scuffle.

Thursday 14th February 2019 06:52:46 AM