By; Our Reporter

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) council has blamed the technical wing for failing to monitor and regulate butchers, which has resulted into the sale of adulterated meat on the market.

Last week, an operation led by the KCCA Public Health Directorate, Uganda National Bureau of Statistics, National Drug Authority and Ministry of Agriculture led to the arrest of several butchers for using formalin and hydrogen peroxide to preserve meat.

Both chemicals are harmful to humans. Now, KCCA councilors are accusing the technocrats of failing to do their job. They argue that the fact that KCCA had to wait for the media to first report on the problem is indicative of the failure by technocrats to do their job.

This morning, Dr. Dickens Okello, the Acting KCCA Public Health Director, told council that nine people were picked in connection to the use of the harmful chemicals.

He says two of the suspects pleaded guilty and paid fines of Shillings 100,000 each, adding that six others have also pleaded guilty and were due for sentencing by the city council hall court.

However, the councilors wouldn’t have any of this. They argued that it’s absurd that KCCA has failed to supervise the meat industry. Kennedy Okello, the Nakawa Councilor, said it is the mandate of KCCA to regulate and supervise all food products sold in the city.

The KCCA Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago accused the Authority of failing to enforce the Kampala City Council Meat Ordinance of 2006 that provides for the licensing, control and regulation of slaughterhouses and butcheries.

Thursday 11th January 2018 06:14:07 AM