By Olivia Nabaggala

17th Jan 2019


Government is in process of procuring at least 2.5 acres of land near Kiruddu referral hospital to address the challenge of sewage within the area.


This has been revealed by the Acting Director of Kiruddu referral hospital Dr. Charles Kabugo saying the entire process right from the procuring of land to the construction of the treatment plant will cost 4 billion shillings.

According to Kabugo, the hospital currently uses a Cesspool emptier truck to empty the septic tank at the site.


He said the delays in the process have been caused by encroachers on the Kiruddu hospital land which is owned by Buganda Land Board.


Early this month, the Ministry of Finance released Shs3.5 billion for setting up a modern sewer at Kiruddu Hospital in a bid to resolve a long-standing sewage problem at Mulago’s satellite facility.

Thursday 17th January 2019 09:04:17 PM