By; Charles Katabalwa and Peter Sebulime

The Electoral Commission is preparing a statement about the Local Council I election exercise that has ended in tears although some are jubilating.

According to the assistant spokesperson EC Paul Bukenya the commission is fully aware of the events that marred the exercise.

The election has been generally received low voter turnout but characterized by misunderstandings, chaos and violence that left the anti-riot and the military police called in to save the situation leading to cancellation of voting in most areas.

In most cases some candidates have been accused of ferrying voters, campaigning at the polling center, forging names on the register and late arrival of polling officials which prolonged the entire process leading to anger.

This affected at least 2% of the total 60,801 villages where the election has taken place country wide.

In Kampala areas like; Nasser road, Kanala zone in Mutundwe, Nanfuka , Kabawo and Gagawala zones in Lubaga South Constituency and Kasubi ku Masiro the election flopped.

Areas that registered successful exercise are where candidates passed unopposed and upto now jubilations and celebrations are taking place.

According to the electoral Commission the exercise was to start at 7am with the residents converging at their polling areas, for verification followed by voter education at 10am and at 11am to 11.30am the election of the Chairperson who then fills the five executive members, his Vice, general secretary, secretaries for;  finance, defense and lastly Environment and social development .

Many faulted the electoral commission of neglecting voter education.

The election that was last held in 2001 was this time allocated over UGX 15 billion and held in 60801 villages.

Wednesday 11th July 2018 06:53:31 AM