By; Charles Katabalwa

Elections for the Village leaders that flopped yesterday has been completed peacefully under tight security although there are pockets of violence that still caused valance failing the exercise for the second time.

Electoral Commission allowed repeat of the elections today in at least 400 villages out of the 633 areas where the exercise flopped yesterday mainly due to violence caused by unregistered voters who appeared to vote with their National I’D yet they missed on the village register.

The election has been held in villages where the electoral materials were not destroyed in yesterday’s fracas as announced by the EC Chairman Justice Simon Byabakama.

In Soroti district where 11 polling areas were cancelled due to chaos the same scenario happened today especially at Soroti Municipality where voters refused to line up behind the candidates demanding the electoral commission to first tally the voters which was not honoured.

Jorem Obiol, a resident of Wire Cell in Nakatunya parish explains that they failed to vote because the FDC candidate, Moses Otim pulled out of the race claiming that Paul Opige of NRM hired students and teachers of Olila High School to vote. 15 police officers of the anti-riot police had been called in to secure the polling area.

In most of the polling areas throughout the country there have been delays; due to mis-cordinated registers, late arrival of polling officials and other areas voters were many compared to the registers yet are identifiable residents of the areas.

In Mbale most people did not know that the election was to be repeated as explained by Col Titus Kutosi, the Subdean of St. Andrews Cathedral Church.

In Kinonya village Masanafu Lubaga Division a place that experienced bloody scenes has seen the Democratic Party candidate Spriyan Kabuuka trouncing Tamuzadde (FDC) with 645 votes against 314 votes, at Kabawo zone Richard Ssendikadiwa of DP as beaten Gagawala Jackson of NRM with 587 votes against 56.


Wednesday 11th July 2018 06:40:30 PM