By; Francis Lubega

The Minister of Energy and Mineral development Eng. Irene Muloni is concerned about opportunists who inflate land prices in places where energy and oil resources are to be developed, a move that delays projects.

Muloni revealed this to the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources saying already some government officials have colluded with Land Lords in places where the oil refinery and pipe lines are to be laid and inflated land prices compared to the open market value.

She wants the MPs to intervene on the challenge because it’s affecting electricity, petroleum as well as mining projects.

In a related development, Muloni says government has finalized the registration and profiling artisanal small scale miners in the interest of bring them together with the large licensed miners in a formalized way.

These have been trained in environment, community, health and safety mechanisms as they carry out this work on top of business skills, value addition and identification of market for their products

Wednesday 8th August 2018 06:43:02 AM