By; Francis Lubega

Government has dispelled media reports that it’s in the process of importing at least 200 Cuba doctors to bridge the gap especially in the public hospitals.

The state minister for health Sarah Opendi in a meeting with the MPs on the health committee said the Cuba issue was a proposal raised in a meeting if government and doctors had failed to reach a conclusion concerning their Industrial action but it was not sealed.

On the issue of doctors’ salary, Opendi says cabinet has been called for a special sitting this Saturday to conclude on the salary review for all civil servants and the resolution will be implemented in the next financial year since they cannot afford a supplementary budget now.

Opendi also defended government that it has never failed to care for its own minister Dr. Joyce Kaduchu the state minister for primary health who is on a life support at IHK following a food poison revealing that already 24.5 million shillings has been paid to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi where she going to be transferred for further treatment.

Thursday 7th December 2017 06:14:01 AM