By; Francis Lubega

Majority of the legislatures on the Parliamentary Health Committee are opposed to government’s proposal to import 200 medical specialists from Cuba to fill gaps of Doctors in its hospitals.

During the interface with the Parliamentary Health Committee and representatives from Uganda Medical Association (UMA) over their concerns that led to a three weeks industrial action that paralysed work in the government hospitals recently.

MPs like Joel Sebikali, Fred Baseke, Betty Aol Sizomu and Mpamizo among others note that hiring Cuban health specialists will is in bad faith intended to punish and suppress the local doctors.

Adding that the Cuban proposal will not solve the long term concerns of medical workers, but rather a wastage of tax payers money of which would be put to building the capacity of local doctors for better improved health services.

On the same note, the president Uganda Medical Association Dr. Okwar Obuku says the government proposal indicates a failed state despite the increasing number of graduate specialists in the country that government has deliberately failed to hire or meet their required working conditions.

Wednesday 6th December 2017 06:30:46 AM