By Ben Musanje

President Museveni has directed immediate arrest of all those said to have been behind the attacks in Apaar Parish in Amuru District.

In an impromptu meeting at St. House Entebbe President Museveni condemned the clashes that claimed eight lives, injured 27 and left over 4000 others displaced saying this country will never allow any kind of lawlessness challenging the Police to do its role effectively.

Already MPs from both Acholi and Lango are accuse to have been behind the attacks while others put a strong accusing finger at the deputy prime minister General Moses Ali.

This comes as Government has dispatched 60 more metric tons of relief food to the people of Apaa.

The food is an addition to the 60 metric tons that was first sent to support over 4000 displaced people due to tribal clashes between the Acholi and Madi over land which left eight people dead and 27 injured.

The food consignment comprising of maize flower and rice has been dispatched by the State Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Musa Echweru in presence of Amuru parliamentary representatives Felix Okot Ogong and Akol Anthony.

The consignment consisted of beans, maize flour and maize. The first consignment delivered on Tuesday June 13th was not welcomed with allegations that it would cause them health complications. It had to take the initiative of the religious and cultural leaders to test the cooked food that the displaced people accepted to eat it.

Saturday 17th June 2017 03:49:04 AM