By Charels Katabalwa

Government vows not to borrow any money for government sectors that failed to comply with gender and equity requirements.

The State Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development David Bahati while addressing the journalist at media center said that many government sectors asks for huge sums of money and failed to use it because they did not plan for it which thing he says has led our country to raga behind.

Bahati adds that the purpose of the gender and equity assessment is to realise sustainable inclusive growth and development as provided for under the National Development Plan II of 2015/16 – 2019/20.

Bahati was releasing the new developments in the economy and according to the minister; the Budgeted allocations for the next financial year will stand at UGX 28.9 trillion which is UGX 2 trillion more than the one ending 2016/2017 which has been UGX 26.3 trillion.

He said government is ready to invest more in Agriculture, Oil and Gas, electricity and infrastructure as a way of lifting Uganda to the middle income country by 2020.

Bahati said that investment in key infrastructures, especially in the oil sector improvement in private sector competitiveness; export promotion and increased agricultural production have an upper hand in boasting Uganda’s economy.

Monday 15th May 2017 08:26:29 PM