By; Ben Musanje

Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network (LASPNET), in partnership with the American embassy have launched a social web application that will be used to register cases of corruption within the justice institution.

The application called “Say It” will be used on Android phones to report cases of corruption in the Justice Law and Order sector (Jlos) targeting the Police, Prisons, IGG and the Office of the DPP.

The IT Consultant and App developer, Martin Ojambo, says ‘Say It’ will help reduce the risks involved in reporting corruption cases against high ranking government officials by capturing audio, video and use imaginations to report whatever case through LASPNET that will sieve and direct each case to the relevant institution for handling.

The US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Susan Parker – Burns appreciated LASPNET for the initiative to promote transparency and accountability while LASPNET Executive Director, Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa said the app will be used to generate timely response to the complaint and on the stages reached with the reported cases.

The launch follows a report released last week at Hotel Africa that revealed increased corruption within the judicially, through bribery, financial leakage, conflict of interest, embezzlement, false accounting, fraud, influence peddling, nepotism, theft of public fund and theft of public assets.

Friday 15th December 2017 05:53:38 AM