By; Joseph Katende

Government through the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) has released the list of Successful Student Loan Beneficiaries for the academic year 2018/19 from all districts in the country except Moroto and Nakapiripiriti where no applications were received.

The State Minister for Higher Education Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo while announcing the Successful Loan Applicants at the Uganda Media Center said the number of beneficiaries has increased from 1,448 in 2017/18 to 2,950 in 2018/19 representing 103% increment.

Among the beneficiaries, 2,459 are for Undergraduate courses and 491 Diplomas of which 73% are male whereas 27% are women.

The HESFB was established by an Act of parliament No.2 of 2014, as a body corporate mandated to provide Loans and scholarships to eligible citizens of Uganda to enable them access Higher Education at affordable rate, support qualified students who cannot afford higher education, ensure regional balance in higher education services for all Ugandans and to support programmes which are deemed critical for national development.

Muyingo says this is the 5th lot of a total of 8,197 students who have benefitted from the scheme since it was started and are given a grace period of One year to pay back the loan.

Friday 14th September 2018 04:20:21 AM