By Francis Lubega


6th Feb 2019


Opposition political parties have unanimously agreed not to support the system of voting the Leader of Opposition (LOP) by Members of Parliament.

There has been a proposal to amend the Parliamentary Administration Act to allow MPs to decide on members of the opposition on various committees.

However, in press conference by LOP Betty Achan together with other opposition political party representatives they say that the proposal interferes with the independence of the political parties.

Meanwhile the opposition political parties have endorsed the new constitutional electoral reforms proposed by LOP Achan that are to be presented to parliament.

Among the amendments include, removing of UPDF and other special categories like those on affirmative action from parliament, appointment of Electoral Commission officials by public service, creation of a new position of deputy President and reducing the cabinet minister to 21among others.

Thursday 7th February 2019 06:13:00 AM