By Peter Ssebulime

The Uganda parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) has today submitted a document containing 14 key points they wish to be included in the forthcoming national dialogue that is aimed at laying strategies to consolidate peace, democracy and inclusive development to achieve equal opportunity for all Ugandans.

According to Moses Mulondo, UPPA president, some of the 14 key points; need to restructure government, finding lasting solution to sectarianism in state institutions, enact necessary constitutional and electoral reforms to guarantee free and fair elections, eliminate corruption and militarism, participation of key stakeholders in the budgeting process and hindrances to the development of the multiparty democracy among others.

He adds that, as the fourth estate which is the eye and ear of the public hold keen interest more than any other category of professionals in as far as such a matter of national importance is concerned because they must inform well the audiences.

Meanwhile the chairperson of the Elders Forum, Justice James Ogoola the conveners of the national dialogue said they have been prompted to postpone its launch from November 21st  to December 12th 2018, to internalise new developments, urging Ugandans to also submit their areas of concern they wish to be handled.

Wednesday 14th November 2018 02:50:50 PM