By; Olivia Nabbagala

16th April 2019


The Opposition Democratic Party has also condemned the police brutality exercised while dispersing supporters of the Forum for Democratic change in Jinja on Saturday.


Addressing the press today at DP offices in Kampala, the chairperson of DP reunion Sam Lubega Mukaku wonders why Police has persistently blocked activities of registered opposition political parties yet those of the ruling NRM party are held without any interruptions.


Lubega says the blocking of FDC former president Dr. Kizza Besigye from being hosted on the radio is similar to how the DP block reunion in the same area of Jinja was blocked and left people injured.


He says Police must exercise professional performance and allow political space for political parties than hiding in the public order management act.


Tuesday 16th April 2019 05:30:46 PM