By Jjunju Francis

Pope Francis has called for creativity and consideration of the needs of the young people in the contemporary world during the special Bishop’s Synod meeting on young people that is taking place in Rome.

At the opening of the Synod at St. Peter’s Sqaure Pope Francis urged the Bishops and Special discussants to broaden their minds, hearts and transform those frames of mind that today paralyze, separate and alienate Clerics from young people

For the first time, two bishops from mainland China are participating in the Synod of Bishops due to the Holy See’s provisional agreement with China on the appointment of bishops in September.

The Synod started yesterday October 3 to 28th this month has attracted over 300 participants; clerics and religious, as well as 49 auditors, among them 36 young people from five continents and its under the themes of young people, the faith, and vocational discernment.

Pope Francis says Hope asks the Catholic Church to get up and look directly into the eyes of young people and see their situations,” make efforts to reverse situations of uncertainty, exclusion and violence, to which the young people are exposed.”

Thursday 4th October 2018 07:11:37 PM