By Ben Musanje

6th Feb 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has pledged to resolve the land conflicts in Amuru, Acholi sub region in Northern Uganda before the next general elections.

Disputes over land and its allocation to private investors from both within and outside several tribes in Acholi region have resulted into the death of a number of people especially in Lakang, Apar and Pabbo villages in Amuru district.

Speaking at the National Resistance Army (NRA) 38th Anniversary of attack on Kabamba barracks, Museveni admitted that he had never considered meeting these people though he has been going there for campaigns during elections.

He further says that he sees no difference of any struggle for having Apaa in either Acholi or Madi since it remains the same Uganda.

Museveni further promise to give 50million shillings to women traders of Gulu market whose merchandise was burnt

Thursday 7th February 2019 06:04:13 AM