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Prosecutors in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) under their umbrella body, the Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) today embarked on an indefinite strike over salaries and working conditions.

They accuse government of failure to address their grievances with in the 90 days they had provided.

In July this year, the prosecutors had a sit-down strike and government through the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Kahinda Otafiire asked them to return to work as they settled their issues. They honoured the promise in the extraordinary meeting held on July 17th at Imperial Royale hotel with a 90 days ultimatum which elapsed today according to UAP Chairperson Baxter Bakibinga.

Bakibinga says “14 days before they sent a reminder to a committee of cabinet handling the matter and Hon Otafiire but there was no response until they decided not to step in court today up to when the government responds to its promise.

He added that for them to suspend the strike they will first summon a General Assembly meeting where members will vote on the way forward.

Most of the courts in the capital, Kampala like Buganda Road court and city hall, there were no prosecutors present today.

The prosecutors want government to increase their salaries, housing and medical insurance allowances, transport means and security.

Wednesday 11th October 2017 06:40:55 AM