By Francis Lubega

Agricultural Scientists have urged government to compel Parliament to expedite the enactment of the National bio-safety bill to enable release of modern drought resistant seeds and crops that can stand the current weather condition.

According to Moses Matovu a food safety scientist from Namulonge, they have developed many drought resistant crops ranging from maize, bananas and Irish potatoes among others which could address the challenge of draught, but they cannot be released to the public without a regulation.

This comes as the entire east African region is faced with food shortage due to prolonged dry spells that affected crop production which has created emergency situations already pronounced in Kenya and South Sudan while in Uganda the government is still in fix on what to do for the threatened lives of both people and animals.

Matovu and other scientists insist that modern seeds are the way to go although the required law still in preparation has spent 4 years in parliament on debate over the security and likely effects that might come along with such seeds and who will take liability in case they cause a health problem.