By Charles Katabalwa

13th Feb 2019

Security organs together with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) named top violators of human rights.

In the report launched by Makerere University School of law in conjunction with the Human Rights and Peace Center (HURIPEC), indicate that security organs mainly the army and UWA guides have for many years continued to kill Innocent people.

Dr. Zahara Nampewo, the Director HURIPEC while presenting the report said that many people are arrested and detained for over 48 hours that is mandated by the constitution.

She has revealed that security organs have continued to detain suspects in unknown places where they torture them from, adding government should come in forthwith.

She cited out the killings at Kasese in Mumbere palace, fishermen at Lake Victoria among others.

The Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo embraced the report saying it has helped to disclose individuals in Army, police and UWA who have lost professionalism and must be held accountable for their wrong doing.

The report has been launched by the Court of Appeal’s Justice Kenneth Kakuru in Kampala.


Thursday 14th February 2019 06:40:55 AM