By; News room

Court processes across the country got paralyzed as State Prosecutors laid down their tools over low pay and poor working conditions.

Prosecutors, under the umbrella Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP), are demanding that the minimum salary of the lower ranking officials be raised to at least 9 million Shillings and 40 million Shillings for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

They had given the state a period of 14 days from June 23, within which to announce changes in their remuneration. The days elapsed yesterday without any change, leading to a strike that has paralyzed business in courts across the country.

Currently the lowest ranking State Prosecutor earns a gross salary of 645,000 Shillings while those at the rank of Senior Principal State Attorney earn 2.1 million Shillings a month. The Deputy Director of Public Prosecution is paid 2.9 million Shillings; the Assistant DPP earns 2.4 million Shillings while the DPP earns 11 million Shillings.

In Luweero, plaintiffs, defendants and witnesses turned up at Luweero magistrate court for hearing of their cases but were turned down due to the strike

Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson Paul Kangavve says that the strike may also paralyze police investigations since this is always done with guidance of state prosecutors and it causes crowding at the police cells.

Senior Communications Officer for the Judiciary Solomon Muyita confirms the paralysis across the country adding that it’s likely to increase the backlog in courts of law.

Thursday 13th July 2017 08:22:47 AM