By; Francis Jjunju

Activists and political leaders have welcomed the annulment of the August 8 presidential elections in Kenya saying it sets a big precedent for electoral democracy in Africa and the world in general.

The coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), Crispin Kaheru, states that it’s the first time a general election has been annulled in the history of democracy on the African continent.

He says as a country that has gone through numerous electoral petitions, Uganda has battled with lack of confidence in the judiciary to deliver a ruling that is not in consonance with the status quo. This, he says, might change with the latest decision by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Kaheru says that what has been experienced in Uganda has been the question of the precedent, especially the annulment of a presidential election. He says now there is a precedent, and now it’s upon the judges to stand their ground.

He says Ugandan and African courts should now look at working independently and using the available evidence like the Kenyan judiciary just did.

Saturday 2nd September 2017 07:06:47 AM