By; Ben Musanje

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has dismissed claims of holding a Cobalt 60 Teletherapy a Cancer radiotherapy machine procured by the Ministry of Health.

The URA Commissioner for Customs Dickson Collins Kateshumbwa says the machine is a tax exempt and was released as soon as it landed but delayed due to transport system but latter on it was learnt that the shipping company had not cleared its tax obligations which compelled URA to hold its consignment that was due for clearance including the Cobalt machine.

Ministry of Health together with the staff of Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) had called a press conference to unveil the machine this morning but it flopped since the machine was not yet with them.

The Executive Director of Uganda Cancer Institute, Dr. Jackson Orem earlier told journalists that some steps were taken at URA but failed to reconcile and the machine couldn’t reach Mulago.

The machine bought at over Euros 664,000 is supposed to be tax exempted, according to documents from the International Atomic Energy Agency headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


Thursday 17th August 2017 06:12:12 AM