By; Jjunju Francis

President Museveni has called on voters in Jinja East Municipality to vote for the NRM candidate Nathan Igime Nabetta because he needs those who can vote for “national issues” even if they do not debate.


At the last rally to the by-election of for the area parliamentary Member of Parliament at Kilembe-copper in Walukuba-Masese Division Museveni said many have failed to know what Uganda wants but his few MPs who know the party ideology never divert from their decision.

He was talking in relation to the controversial constitutional amendment that left article 102 (b) lifted paving way for him to have another chance to stand for presidency come 2021 after removing the presidential age limit.

Meanwhile the former Forum for Democratic Change president Dr.Kizza Besigye who was canvassing votes for the party flag bearer Paul Mwiru at Busoga Square called for unity among Ugandans if they are to win any election.

Dr. Beisgye said Ugandans have over years been robbed of their victory because of divisions challenging all voters in Busoga to vote for Mwiru.

He says with the failing economy and security not forgetting the betrayal from the 317 NRM and their few associates who voted to lift the presidential age limit time is now for all in the opposition to stand as one in any election to win NRM.

The former party President Lt. Gen. Mugisha Muntu said the country needs transparent leaders who are ready to represent people and defend the constitution.

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi rallied youth to address to stop timidity and stand for the true and democratic governance.

He said youths should stand against the rhetoric of them being the leaders of tomorrow but come out and contest for any elective post if they are to stand for their rights.

The Thursday March 15, 2018 by-election that has a total of five candidates will have over 20,000 voters

Police has drawn massive security both in personnel and armed vehicles commonly known as Mambas packed at all strategic areas as you enter Jinja right from Nile Breweries factory near Nile bridge to ensure security.

Wednesday 14th March 2018 06:36:00 AM