By; Charles Katabalwa

A group of youths have dragged the Electoral Commission and Attorney General to the High Court of Civil Division over plans to conduct local council one and two elections by lining up behind candidates.

Through their lawyers, Nuwagaba and Mwebesa advocates, the petitioners, under the group, ”The Alternative” contend that the move compromises and infringes upon the fundamental human rights and freedoms of Ugandans guaranteed by the 1995 Constitution.

In June 2015, parliament passed the 2014 Local Government Amendment bill providing for lining behind candidates in the local council elections to cut costs in disregards to the requirements of a secret and democratic election.

The Leader of Opposition, Wafula Oguttu said lining behind candidates is likely to fuel family feuds and increase commercialization of politics. Norman Tumuhimbise, the National coordinator of The Alternative, which evolved from Jobless Brotherhood, says the decision to conduct polls by lining up behind candidates, compromises voter privacy and integrity of the polls.

And their petition is in line with article 50 (1) of the 1995 constitution.

The November 21st polls of the LC I and II chairpersons and women councils is budged to cost 15.6 billion shillings.


Wednesday 13th September 2017 02:04:58 PM