By; Our Reporter

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) has projected an increase in the number of tourists visiting the Entebbe based tourism site from the current 310,000 tourists by the end of this year.

The projection comes after the installation of Zakayo the second, as the heir to Uganda’s oldest chimp Zakayo-the-first, who succumbed to old age and Chronic Gastroenteritis in April ending a 54-year-life.

The Programs and Public Relations Officer at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Isaac Mujaasi, said Zakayo the second was chosen as an heir because he too was rescued from Semulik National Park like Zakayo in 1964 by a White man who kept him until he was 14 years before surrendering him to UWEC in 1976 where it spent 42-years.

However, Richard Ssekyondo, the Deputy Mayor for Entebbe municipality says that the municipality is laying strategies of tapping into revenues generated by tourism sites.

Monday 11th June 2018 06:47:19 PM